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committees and issues 2023
Prosperity and development

Depending on the committees, the debates will be held in French or English  - These choices are subject to change at the discretion of the ClerMUN Team.

Security Council (one committee in English and one committee in French)


  • How can lasting peace and prosperity for populations in Libya be ensured?


  • What legal framework can be put in place to ensure the export of agricultural goods from war-torn countries?

WHO - World Health Organization (English)


  • How can an efficient medication and care access system be put in place on a global scale?


  • How can an international social-security system concerning health and work-related injuries be put in place?

UNHCR - High Commissioner for Refugees (English)

This committee is honored to participate in the MUN Refugee Challenge led by UNHCR! To promote grassroots awareness and discussion of the challenges refugees face around the world, MUN conferences are invited to join the MUN Refugee Challenge by debating and creating a resolution based on the chosen four key topic areas. Resolutions are submitted to a jury of UNHCR members, young refugee leaders, and independent experts who will collectively decide which ones to share with actual, real-life policy makers!

We can not wait to see the wonderful resolutions that emerge from the committee and are thrilled that delegates will be given the platform to have their voices heard!


  • How to guarantee refugees' access to jobs and financial services?

  • How can the protection of refugee children be ensured?

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation (French)


  • What international framework can be put in place regarding the sharing of water between states at the regional scale?


  • How to promote an efficient agricultural and research-focused model to ensure food security on an international scale?

ICJ - International Court of Justice (French)


  • Russia v/ China: solemn request by the Russian Federation regarding the recognition by China of partition of the island of Bolshoi Ussourisk


  • Turkey v/ Greece: demands in favor of the free exploitation of underwater resources in the Aegean Sea.

ClerMUN- Masillon EBI - Clermont-Ferrand

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