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committees and issues 2022

Depending on the committees, the debates will be held in French or English  - These choices are subject to change at the discretion of the ClerMUN Team.

Security Council (one committee in English and one committee in French)


  • How to manage the sharing of fishing and hydrocarbon resources in the South China Sea?


  • How can the supply of water and food in Yemen be ensured? 

WTO - World Trade Organization (English)


  • How can the free flow in the strategic straits and channels in the world be ensured?


  • In order to fight against global warming, how can we implement a system to value renewable energies within the framework of international trade?

4th United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea (English)


  • How to adapt international law governing the seas and oceans to take into account the new contemporary challenges related to geopolitical balances and the exploitation of marine resources?

FAO - Food and Agriculture Organisation (French)


  • How to ensure a fair access to water and food for populations in areas under pressure in the Sahel region?


  • How can we ensure the transition from intensive agriculture to a more sustainable model?

UNIDO - United Nations Industrial Development Organization (English)


  • How can we adapt the industry to climate change and to the new energies/technologies which must represent the necessary response to it?


  • What framework should be implemented to ensure a sustainable regime at each stage of the space resource exploitation process?

ClerMUN- Masillon EBI - Clermont-Ferrand

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