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What is a MUN

A MUN ( M odel U nited N ations ) is a gathering of young people, organized in the form of an UN intergovernmental conference.


Its main goal is to raise awarness among young people of the major challenges of our world, international relations and diplomacy, by tackling current substantive issues.

Entirely organized by the students, a MUN is held for three consecutive days during which the participants are assigned a country or an institution that they are to represent.

Divided into thematic working committees, they defend its interests through speeches and debates in order to reach the best possible compromises for their delegation, and vote common resolutions democratically.

Delegates thus develop their eloquence, critical thinking and ability to acknowledge the arguments of other delegates.


We rank among the most prestigious MUNs,  those of Harvard, Berkeley or Stanford, in the United States, The Hague and FerMUN which takes place on the premises of the United Nations, in Europe and many others ...

In France, these are commonly organized  in colleges and universities, unlike other countries which start in high school or even middle school.

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MUN encourages delegates to be collaborative in their roles, pushing them to work in groups and build support networks throughout the conference. We are positive that they leave with both new knowledge and new friends.

Learn new SKILLS

MUN enables young people to become aware of the complexity of today's world and of decision-making, the essential first step in finding solutions to the international issues  governments have to deal with.


MUN has set itself the objective of encouraging all our young people to become the actors of tomorrow,  mature, demanding, challenging and aware of the challenges that will soon become theirs, by suggesting to them that they are already in a position to grasp them and to find it solutions.

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