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Dear delegates, 


I am honored and delighted to welcome you to the fifth  ClerMUN conference, which will be held on November 4, 5, 6, and 7, 2024, at the Regional Hotel, this time under the captivating new theme: "Climate Change and Justice." 

This year has clearly demonstrated the urgency and scale of the climate challenges facing our world. Extreme weather phenomena are multiplying. From rising sea levels threatening entire communities to unprecedented heat waves worsening the situation, the vulnerability of the world's poorest populations is increasing. These upheavals are not only indicators of an environmental crisis, they also highlight deep-seated inequalities and questions of justice that demand a rapid and concerted response from us all. 

Faced with this reality, the new IPCC report, more alarming than ever, calls for immediate action to limit global warming and its devastating effects. It underlines the crucial importance of an equitable transition to resilient and sustainable societies, highlighting the essential role of climate justice in ensuring a viable future for all. 


ClerMUN 2024 is part of this approach: fighting disruption and promoting climate justice. We are setting up 5 committees to deal with these issues: the Security Council, the FAO, the ILO, the IOM, WHO and the International Court of Justice. 


Your participation in this four-day conference testifies to your commitment to a better future. Allow me to quote Kateri Salas, Regional Director of Operations at World Youth Alliance Latin America: 

"Young people are fearless, brave, impetuous, dynamic and self-confident. Young people have the ideas, the creativity and great energy to shape a better world. Young people are full of hope and through innovation and imagination, they are problem solvers and have a great potential to generate a positive social change in the world." 


Yes, together, through our collaborative work, we can be the agents of change needed to meet these monumental challenges. I am convinced that we, as the leaders of tomorrow, have a crucial role to play.   


The entire ClerMUN team and I look forward to meeting you in Clermont-Ferrand, in November. 




Secretary-General of the ClerMUN

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