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Discover the city of Clermont-Ferrand. History enthusiasts will love its rich old center, Notre-Dame-du-Port basilica, listed as World Heritage by UNESCO, and Notre-Dame de l'Assomption cathedral, one of the very few  cathedrals built out of volcanic stone, while the vast Place de Jaude and its many shops, shopping centers and terraces will allow you to meet up with friends and discover the various specialties products of our region. In the many parks and public gardens, you may enjoy quieter moments within the city. Other picturesque towns in the vicinity such as Royat, Vichy or Volvic are also well worth a visit!

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By foot or by bike, discover the Chaîne des Puys ("mountain" in Occitan) and its magnificent volcanic and natural landscapes. Climbing up the Puy-de-Dôme on foot or with the cogwheel train offers a wonderful panorama overlooking the 80 volcanoes of the Chain classified as World Heritage by UNESCO, and allows you to discover the Roman temple of Mercury at its summit, built in the 2nd century AD. It is also an unrivaled paragliding spot. The other puys of the Chain, such as the Pariou, iconic volcano famous for the waters of Volvic, the Puy de Mercoeur or the Puy de la Vache are also worth a detour!



arts & crafts

Allier, Haute Loire, Cantal and Puy de Dôme are the many departments that make up Auvergne, which name evok reminds us of long-time traditions and a rich intangible heritage.

With Vichy pastilles, Le Puy lace, Thiers knives and its famous Michelin Bibendum among others, Auvergne is filled with know-how. Not forgetting its gastronomy (Saint-Nectaire cheese, truffade ...) and its many chefs!

Discover them by visiting our craftsmen and retailers ...



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