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2022 looks to be a hard year in terms of insecurities and precariousness. Indeed, global warming increases and is now extremely alarming, inequalities are growing exponentially, the number of discriminations is rising, armed conflicts persist... Therefore, in a world longing for change, we must act.

We, young people, are the future and thus, we need to act accordingly. Today’s youth is concerned about international and global issues. They are mobilized to help solving common problems such as child labor, gender inequality, climate emergency, resource scarcity… In the same way, participating to Model United Nations trains us to be advocates for the future, actors of change, in order to be part of the world’s evolution. Therefore, we strongly believe that ClerMUN can play a role in this transformation.

In a world where resources are unevenly shared, we need to find sustainable solutions. Thus, we decided to dedicate four days to this complex thematic.   Whether they are renewable or non-renewable, we must face growing problems towards resources on the scale of both population and environment.

Resources’ depletion is the root of many problems. Firstly, it creates starving as in Sahel where its inhabitants are suffering from a lack of nourishment due to a severe drought. Moreover, it can also lead to conflicts regarding their control, like in the South China Sea where countries fight over the sharing of the maritime area for halieutics resources.

On the other hand, the IPCC 2022 report warns us on the gravity of the climate situation. It mainly underlines the harmful effects of some resources’ exploitation and strongly encourages us to move towards renewable energy. It also states that we should rapidly replace the intensive agriculture by a more sustainable one.

So, ClerMUN is the occasion to seize this matter. In order to address each detail of it, 5 committees: the Security Council, the WTO, the FAO, the UNIDO and the 4th United Nations Conference on the Law of the Sea, are proposed.

This conference will enable us to show the crucial role of youth engagement in tackling the most pressing global issues. It will contribute to train us to become the next generation of leaders.

The ClerMUN team and I look forward to meeting you in Clermont-Ferrand in November.


Until there, keep in mind that:

« The world needs young people to keep speaking out. Keep thinking big.  Keep pushing boundaries.  And keep up the pressure. » Antonio Guterres, UN Secretary General.

Yours sincerely,


Secretary General


Dear Delegates,

I am honored and thrilled to welcome you to Clermont- Ferrand Model United Nations second international conference, held on the 7,8,9 and 10 November 2022, under the theme of resources.

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