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We are fully aware that due to the current situation, it is difficult to commit definitively, which is why we are not asking you to register but rather to pre-register . This will help us in our organization.

However, if the situation allows it, here are the different steps of registration:

  1. Advance-registrations allow you to submit, without any obligation on your part, using the form below, your application to ClerMUN; this will be reviewed by our Management and our reply will be communicated to you individually; a waiting list will also be established.


   2. Firm registrations, for the participants whose applications have been accepted,  your MUN Manager will receive an

       e-mail and will have to accurately include all the information requested.

       Payment of the full participation fee will be required at the end of the registration period to guarantee your registration.

       Our Management reserves the right to replace a defaulting candidate with another participant on the waiting list.


  3. The final registration of participants who have successfully completed all the registration procedures will then continue, until the  conference itself, by following the steps indicated in the schedule below.


NB: Except for individual registrations (adult students only), registration must be made by the MUN Director who will be responsible for the participating group.


Registration Calendar


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